Monthly Archives: May 2013

This is the TIME…?

This is the time. I think…

I always have this image of me working from home doing.. stuff. Cool stuff. Like designing classic wardrobe, sew and sell them online. Making sing-a-long music or nursery rhymes since I prefer to hear children singing cute songs rather than “Baby..! Baby..! Baby…oohhhh” but I don’t think it’s going to happen because my own nephews are loving it. Or do carpentry works as if I own a house with big lawn to do all those remarkable arts and like it’s easy to get raw materials here in KL.

Last two weeks, my 8-years-old baby nephew was diagnosed with Berkitt Lymphoma- a type of cancer. Devastating. I felt a punched on my heart, what more my sister.

Now, here I am. Full time babysitting or nursing little Afiq at home. A working jobless lady.

I have resigned from my super fun job in December 2012 due to “irreconcilable differences”. Next day after my resignation, another one bit the dust. The day after that, another one! And another… and it keeps on going until the number hit 8 or 9. I can’t remember.

So… anyhoooo. Yup, now I am jobless. Saying it again sounds like Topless. Okay, focus you Working Jobless Lady!

Between taking care of cancer patient and trying to find any luck of Work-from-home job, I tend to procrastinate, but with good conscience. When there’s nothing to do while he’s asleep, instead of switching on my laptop I decided to sweep the designated room, mop the floor with Dettol disinfectant liquid, and recite prayers for him. Draw dragons and cartoon characters on a piece of coloured papers and turn them into motivational card.

This whole scenario is not a conducive mood for me to actually want to start finding a job.

Then came a prophecy of mine, Does GOD create us and bring us to the world to study and get excellent results just to get a job that pays…?


p/s: I am still thinking of something to do at home that can generate something……?!