…from the past? OR
…of the past?

If you are grammatically alert like me *cough cough* these two make huge difference. Very very huge difference. Right, maybe I’m overreacting when i say “very very..”

One may not get it but if you look back – which i do a lot! – you’ll get where I’m heading to.

Man from the past can also be ‘Cover-me-i-dont-want-him-to-see-me’. Either he or she herself screwed up once upon a time ago in a galaxy far far away…

But man OF the past, to some, means something…and when i say something it doesn’t have to be special. Okay okay i’m indenial. USED TO be special but life goes on… forward. So forward march we all go.

What I’ve learned from these men is that there is no point of a) running away or to hide far away to an island b) make up stories that you have someone else c) say your parents disagree with them though the truth is they love him to bits!

All you got to do is where those pants and BE A MAN! ahah! .. yes, to fight with man you oughta BE the man.

I’ve hid in a cave, disconnect my networks virtually or not, stop going to my regular spots…BUT there HE is. Standing. Not looking at me. I saw him of course and gosh I blushed. Not that I have any feelings, it’s just plain awkward.

Instead of ignoring and sped off, I decided to approach him and hey you know what – you feel lighter by gazillion times. Conscience cleared.

Here I am, thus far… happy feeling so righteous.


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