La nouvelle moi~


Blergh.. Naah, just the same ol’ me with a change of profile theme.
*Certain posts may be irrelevant – the one where i said my blog was just plain ol’ white page with loads of blabbering.*
Fact is, it STILL Is!

That’s one thing I know about me and has recently stopped denying it – it is okay to like changes.

People talk about, even better Joey McIntyre sings about the subject matter: Stay The Same.

I wouldn’t want to be the same.
I wouldn’t want to be the accommodating person who is actually in pain.
I wouldn’t want to be the one who always follow the crowd to show she is sane.

I am no different, for I am just not the same.
I am no serious, for I am now not taking the blame.
I am no forward-looking, for I am living the present with fiery flame!


4 thoughts on “La nouvelle moi~

  1. ayyub says:

    hey, how are you? it’s been a silent past few months innit?

    • wordsplayed says:

      heyyyy! yes indeed.. it’s been awhile. It all began when the company blocked wordpress. geezz.. what about you?

      • ayyub says:

        as for me, my creative mind has been blocked ever since i joined a new company, close to a year ago. very sad indeed.

        nevertheless, i’m still trying to put myself back together again.

        keep on writing and inspire others (me) please…

  2. wordsplayed says:


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