Monthly Archives: November 2011

La nouvelle moi~


Blergh.. Naah, just the same ol’ me with a change of profile theme.
*Certain posts may be irrelevant – the one where i said my blog was just plain ol’ white page with loads of blabbering.*
Fact is, it STILL Is!

That’s one thing I know about me and has recently stopped denying it – it is okay to like changes.

People talk about, even better Joey McIntyre sings about the subject matter: Stay The Same.

I wouldn’t want to be the same.
I wouldn’t want to be the accommodating person who is actually in pain.
I wouldn’t want to be the one who always follow the crowd to show she is sane.

I am no different, for I am just not the same.
I am no serious, for I am now not taking the blame.
I am no forward-looking, for I am living the present with fiery flame!


Try something new yet?

I did!

~ Read the Condolences section in the newspaper. (fun. So happened there’s one big shot’s mom passed away. more than 5 pages if i didn’t miscount)
~ Wake up and do the forward roll. (dizzy)
~ Talk to your rabbit. Like the talk talk. (awkward)
~ Wear nice fancy ensemble with no plans to go out. (fancy)