Those atypical thoughts that worth sharing.

Circle the answers

Scenario 1:- Office Toilet.
Have you ever notice, that when someone else walks into the Ladies, even after you have answered the Nature’s Call, you would just keep quiet and sit on the toilet bowl, wondering looking at the ceiling… until she walks out?
A. Yes! Oh that’s me! B. No. (Keeps on flushing)

Scenario 2:- In public.
You are on the phone with your homey/bestie, displaying sorts of animated acts while walking in a public area and abruptly the line got disconnected. You are left staggering and fake a conversation between you and yourself. Concurrently, the phone rings. Oops.
A. he he. Bad acting? B. Why would one be bothered?

Back to Scenario 1:- Office Toilet.
Before that, there’s a person in one of the cubicles. You somehow sense that it was of the same nature of calling. When it’s your turn to walk out, you purposely linger and taking your own sweet time washing your hand – adding more terror to the person who were there before you.
A. I just did that! B.Good Gawd, who would ever think of that?


4 thoughts on “Those atypical thoughts that worth sharing.

  1. ayyub says:

    Haha. Cute.

    But i’m afraid you’re alone on these things dear.

    I tend to try and spend less time at the office toilet if possible. And if i do, it’s more like a quikie rather than a quality time. 😛

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