The short expedition of life.

An avenue to write and to be a celebrity and to be nominated under the “Freak Writer” category is what i hope for.

An avenue for people of the border-less cyber world to stumble upon random reading material written by an ordinary girl with small dreams that guarantees a whole lot of self satisfaction. That’s my aspiration – at least.

* * *
To get you plan and act unto achieving your dream(s) is not what i’m about to do. That’s just the prelude. Trust me, you do not want to hear me start babling about life’s philosophy for i strongly believe in this: “The teacher appears when the students are ready”. Sleep and dream of it. If you don’t get it…well, raise your hand Kid!

Anyhoo, after a month break from the 3 meals plus snacks-in-between daily schedule and not forgetting the hormonal traffic of the Klang Valley or Kl or Selangor or say, the whole City area of Malaysia – one thing i could think of before i lay my head on the flat pillow is “I’m going to work by LRT tomorrow. Period.”

* * *
I always look forward to taking the LRT – that it really induced me to be mentally and emotionally prepared (and the physical will somehow manage to follow through) from the night before.

To put it in points, i enjoy the journey because…
1. you can never tell the possibility of getting a seat.
2. …and you won’t know until the time when you are willingly “forced” to offer the seat to those who deserve.
3. in the case of a positive outcome out of the event no.1, you get to read that thick book you are hopelessly trying to finish them.
4. the view of the many faces:
    a) frowned (husband/parents who doesn’t want to send them)
    b) sleepy (the only alternative left to get to the office on time)
    c) bored (there’s no way my bicycle could get me there on time with both legs still     functional)
    d) sweaty (slept late, wake up late, running late – must i tell the dominos effect?)
    e) fart refraining (yeah, i can see my reflection from the window)
    f) …and other unfortunate events. (those are the fun ones to witness)

* * *

*Bells and voice recording playback* Kampung Baru
View: Everyone still seating/standing looking down. Some busy looking for their ticket or Touch’N’Go card. Others are at their own state of mind. One or two swaying heads bumping into neighboring shoulders.

*Bells and voice recording playback* Stesyen berikutnya, Kay El See See. Next Station, Kay El See See
And may the rat race begins…

View: Everyone just stood up like receiving a command from the Chief Commander and gluttony finding their way to the nearest door with straight face and looking so innocent like they are not the one who pushed me to fight for that little space! Me? No… lesson learned. I let loose all the bulls and rats go before me, i’d be the one to stop the door from closing. Ouch – worth the pain.

“Yeay! I’ve made it early to work today! Plus, i get the seat to myself throughout the 30 minutes excursion!!” me, while doing a jumping jack.


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