life at its best!


be blessed with the small and simple
things in life. – Like this sugar coated rainbow sprinkled handmade card!!


3 thoughts on “life at its best!

  1. wordsplayed says:

    ..and that my dear acquaintances, is my dreaaaaaam car! or erm, vehicle. Anybody knows anyone who is/are selling it at not so fancy price, pleaseee let me know.

  2. ayyubb says:

    happy birthday fellow leo..

    may you get what you wish for.


    • wordsplayed says:

      oh well, i’m a week older today. haha.. Thank you for the well wish.
      NB: Zazu, the bird from the Lion King. That’s what they see me as… Sigh. Maybe the accent? the beak? The chattering chat?

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