this and that. uuh, and those..

Good morning earthlings. or maybe Good night/afternoon/evening to those of who don’t share the same part of the sphere with moi.

It’s just another normal “new day”.

Sometimes, by being/having a new person/day/thing, you would want to look back and see days of the yesterdaysss. It is very interesting to see how you have evolved and transcended – that provided you have moved on and EXHALED.
* * *
For those of you who came across my entrees, what you must know is that no one knows about this blog except for you. Well, only one close friend knows about it and a reader, i shall quote “Hey, i read your blog”. Thanks. đŸ™‚ The Fact is, i do not even publicize any of my writings to facebook or twitter or any social media networks. Well, for no reason. or…Simply because i tend to lose things, and i hate reading to all of my old diaries. Yeah, some made you laugh, some made you mesmerize but some just make me sick to my stomach reading how i express my anger on papers.

No, i won’t burn them. They are too cute of a book to be licked even by small fire out of a candle.
No, i can’t afford to throw them. They are too precious. That stuff in there is my own recordings of mistakes and mishaps and i am going to always need them – mere reflection.
* * *
Light bulb moment! I assure myself that by writing online, i would think carefully and “edutainmently” to put the words – be it of anger, sadness, happiness, bitterness – as polite as i can. Having said that, all of us SHOULD be extra cautious when posting any minute matters virtually. Even though like any girls or girlie boys would say “What do I care? This is my blog/account. It’s a free country!”

Hey dudesies, seriously? The world is in the hand of GOD, and I know.. no, I BELIEVE, HE is the cleverest and most creative in giving you what you actually NEED. Like a slap on your face.

Case studies 1: A lad wrote about her just-famous football boyfriend slash EX-fiance how it is fun to be “seen”. Guess she got all the attention now dear girl. How does it feel to be seen now?
* * *
Oh NO! it’s almost noon! So, to make relevant to my opening statement – GOOD MORNING – i shall end this quick.

When i mentioned about new and your excess baggage (old), i was actually referring to my other blog. I have shared one where i dump all my poetries (some may need medical prescription. very depressing. *evil laugh*)

Another is on tumblr. This is more of a quirky and random moments. I will choose few of my favorites to be included here on WordPress from

Well, nothing fancy of course. I’m just sharing what i have learned or how to distract yourself from giving the slightest fret of your problems.


** oh! i’d be glad to welcome new reader. Or should i say, new acquaintance. *smiling*


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