The karma of not shooing the fly..

SPLAT! eeuwww…

Came across “The karma of bug killing”. Reminds me of a case. Let us revisit the case of the X-Files. I present you… The Karma Of Not-Shooing the Fly.
* * *

Months months back, on another depressing morning, the trio of disaster went for breakfast. As always, it is never an easy thing to think – deciding where and what to eat.
Solution: A&W Breakfast set.
* * *Skip* * *Skip* * *Skip* * *

When both of them are seated, i was the last one standing. Sorted out my food and placed them on the table and figuring out where to put the tray. Yeah, simply left them at the next empty table.

Then, inhale and smiled to both of my buddies and ready to sit.

Weird. I felt a slight tingling, cold and a li’l wet. My hand rubbed my *you-know-what* and ….

All 3 of us, went “EEuwwwwwwwwwww…..(hush hush)”. Khoo asked “did you just…” and Rach “nooooo…… (chinese eyes bulging out)”.

“What??!” said I with added disgusted tone at the end for i realized i squashed a sorta-injured fly with my freakin flat butt!
What you didn’t know is that Khoo saw the fly much earlier and decided not to flick the the poor fellow off the chair. He feared that the Deceased may be stepped on.
Alas, ironically, when your time has come – your time has come.
RIP, poor splatty fellow.


4 thoughts on “The karma of not shooing the fly..

  1. ayyub says:

    x-flies rather than x-files… huhuhu

  2. gulagula says:

    U guys are funny. Reminds me of the komik x-files ciplak I read in majalah Ujang or something.

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