Everyone is a Van Gogh (with both ears still intact)

You want to know which of your friend is a keeper? Screw up and see who stays. Yes, read it somewhere and it’s proven to be 100% + 57.2% true!
__________________________ * * * ________________________

Meet Rachel, aka Rach, Reggie, Regimented, and more to come. She’s been there not a long while ago, but she’s here to stay. But i ain’t going to go all mushy talking about her. It’s just that…..

…..it’s the not-usual-Tuesday today. It is one of the most boring day.
___________________________ * * * ________________________

Both Rach and i,
we were high (but sober).
we were sleepy, tired and in need of tranquilizer.

Both Rach and i,
when we are high
we giggle, crap, babel, do science quizzes, play math and music theories, talk about jumping on the clouds,
reminds me of lucy in the sky.
(Not in the sky of diamonds. Not interested.)

Crapping went on and on and on… until,
“Rach, we make great parents ya know. It’s not that we are in love or what but we are soooo Fun. Right..? Right..?”

“Yah man… it’s a joint custody of a kid”

(Now looking at it again, poor kid)

Aaaaanyhow, that just triggered my right brain to just doodle. Drum roll please….

I now present you, the Gala Premier… Mon chef-d’œuvre… le magnifique…l’potrait famille la plus parfaite

French Artist son who looks like Aziz.


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