For the love of G!

I’ve talked about the sun and stars
and wrote about the moon thus far
they are all there for you
especially when you are feeling blue,

out of light, no one’s by your sight
moon arise taking over the moon
offers you luminous light.

even shadows leave, when you’re left with no light
getting lost in the darkness, leaving you with such fright.

i’m getting nowhere here
i’m going nowhere now
for i’m thankful for this thing called Gravity!
till now i’m still mouthing Wow!
* * *

Last saturday morning, on a hazy breezy smokey Saturday morning, i went for my usual morning walk. To add to my last entry, my brain starts wonder around during this session. Every ten enthusiast steps i change from one to another topic. Monologuing with my own self.

Obliviously to the aunties and uncles who power walked competitively passing over me, something came across quite strongly to me – Gravity. The matter struck when it was Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl playing on my mp3 player. (In fact, wait. I might want to play that music now…)

Uh… Keyboards. Bass. Some futuristic space sounds…Hit it Jay Kay!
Nice. JK always leave me feelin’ light and that tingling sensation is dope’!
* * *
uh huh, so what about Gravity? Seriously, all we know or at least I know it is that force that pull us to the ground. Tell that to Isaac Newton. I bet you’ll make him lift his hand and scratch his own head. He himself can’t figure them out.

Scientifically in general, Gravity is the agent that gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped. Not to forget holding the planets (that include the Sun) in their orbits around the Sun. Wow. Cosmic… *raised eyebrow* Did i tell you i want to be an astronomer once upon a time? Well, now i did.
* * *

For the love of G…
not Gold, Glam or Glory
even those things doesn’t come for free
unlike the legendary Gravity.

For the love of G…
many things come and go
even true love dies
and flowers fade
that’s when you see
Gravity never leave and it stayed.

For the love of G…
God gives glory to gravity
for keeping things grounded
and that it’s specialty.

Pst: This is the birth and burst of my bubble, i mean my thoughts.


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