Hello mellow…

i am no emo
if i am, i’d listen to damien rice

i am no emo
my playlist are all filled with jason mraz

you have a depressing moment
even to some of those Mormon
yes, i asked you why
then stop dwelling man and just let it cry!

words of wisdom together with thy quotes
transfer such strength to those who understand
but to some with yacht and boats
choose to ignore the wind and look for more land.

such deepness in thoughts
being positively related with the word emo
but let me tell thee,
both words don’t go along, no no. (<<<< just to rhyme it! :p)

a friend read my words
words of strength
and words of wisdom
that go deep
deeper than the vast sea of the south china sea.

EMO! she shouted
ouch! my ears, they hurt.
Didn’t she get it?
Oh well, why would i bother to explain it.

Hear me fellow brothers/sisters, when we talk about wisdom – age, backgrounds, any demographic factors are to be dispensed totally. At least this is my own personal understanding.

“Shallow as the water poured onto a piece of the most expensive China plate.
Deep as those bottomless mossed abandoned well covered with dried leaves.”

You can be the highest ranked person in the country or of a small company, but still think classical music is just to entertain clients. While jazz music is to be played in a dimmed lit lounge with cigars in between those nimble fingers.

There’s a deeper meaning to music. Such light and entertaining subject matter. Imagine the depth of words put together creating meaningful phrase. Or even the things we say…Oh, and things we do – at the event when some says, action speaks louder than words.

(few seconds after reading my write-ups…)

You’d probably say this entre is emo but really i’m smiling and listening to happy music while typing it. To understand deep stuff, i believe you gotta feel it. You’ll have a better grasp of it when you actually have walked on “Hardship” road. There’s no way in faking it – otherwise it’s just gonna be bad acting or lying to one self.

pst: Randomosity version 1.0 – “Bless is a test, Hardship is a bonus”

psst: wait. that’s deep… don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Hello mellow…

  1. ayyub says:

    there was a period of time, maybe 6 or 7 years ago when i devoted myself to dwell into the realm pink floyd. and during that time i came up with numerous poems that were sick and wicked (in a good way – to emphasize deepness). to others, pink floyd is just another band.

    anyway, i think “bliss is a test, hardship is a bonus” is right on. perfect!

  2. wordsplayed says:

    PUP = Problems unite people. yes? haha
    sick yet wicked poetry? i believe you. read this on your spare time – http://ilosethingsso.blogspot.com
    No, this is no 6 7 years ago. The “twister” happened less than a year ago. and yes it’s a blessing… i found out that i can actually write..better than my school days!

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