“saya tak jahat kan..?”

I remembered reading a blog. It was posted on May 29th, this year.

The blog was about a boy or maybe I should use gentleman instead stuck in between his own clever conscious mind whether or not to sit next to a quite-a-big size lady (in his entry, he used the word “HUGE”…mind me). From the word “HUGE” that were being used, i’d say she’s a size 26 – UK.


Moving on, let me share my own personal CONSCIOUS experience.
No, it wasn’t an empty movie theater. It was rather full, the fact that my seat is G14 – whilst the other family members was arranged by me to take the G15 and 16; F15 and 16. Oh, and to add, the hall is small, 7 rows.(i am pretty sure you are now reciting A B C and counting with your fingers). The movie – Blitz. Hero – Jason Statum Stathum Sthatum. ergh. You know who am i talking about. That awesome Jason-brit-guy-who-does-action-movies-and-my-dad-likes-him-so-it-was-a-treat-for-Father’s-day. Wait, are you still figuring out where my seat was? It was the front-est row.

Right on. Now that you have the idea of the coordinate, now imagine a dark room brightened fairly by the already-7-minutes-started movie.

Great. The front row was empty. Yeay! (No, no popcorn because we were late). Owh hoooo i can see there’s a mortal next to my to be approached seat. To recall, it’s G14.
Of all the seats in row G, whyyyyy G13?! Now i believe in the curse of the number thirteen.
He was not “HUGE”. Nor does he stink. He’s just there! With his popcorn. Sloped at both side yet long hair. *Awkward*

Ironically, i was not trying to lean to my right side to stay away. Hurt my eye sight for trying tad hard to sit straight as not to offend the guy next to me. In fact, it is kinda tiring to sit that way the whole time. After awhile, he has this heavy breathing with erm.. a bit of bad breathe. *eyes popping for trying to hold on to my breathe*

Oh, what i didn’t tell you is that a group of 4 guys came and sat next to him. Fewh. *awkward remains though*

In contrast to the blogger’s state of emotion, i, on the other hand try my best to please him (or at least not to offend the person next to me) when myself is struggling to breathe! Whilst, the blogger that i mentioned was sub-consciously concerned about what others would think about him dating a huge girl.

Laugh it out. We are only human. *wink*


One thought on ““saya tak jahat kan..?”

  1. ayyub says:

    hehe… it’s interesting to be referred to in other people’s blog entry.

    and by the way, yes, awak tak jahat. awak cuma lucu sahaja.

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