Life is no fairy tale.

Here’s a story about a girl. She has the kind of eyes that would make you want to say Hello! and then walk away without feeling guilty.
Here’s a story about one’s life. She feels blessed with all the hardship GOD offered her.
Here’s a story about a soul. She has the heart of the most passionate loser who wins everything. Yes, without even trying.
Here’s a story about a heart. She takes care of it, nurtures them like those fertilized the flowers in the garden. Still, when the storm comes, everything just sort of washed away.

Little girl is being showered with fairy tales. They all are expected to be pretty, obedient, clean, clever and look pretty (again). Dresses and shiny shoes. Pony tails. Graceful. Wow. That sort of a brief description about her.

* * *

Nevertheless, come one fine day, she’s not pretty anymore. She speaks her mind, opposing to what the others believe in. She plays with soil and got herself covered with ’em. In fact, she hates dresses or even skirts. She cut her hair short (Oh! and still look pweety).

Alas, as days passed by, she feels invisible. Oblivious to herself, she was the talk of the town.

To herself she cries…
To herself she wipes her teary eyes…
To herself she holds her words,
to scream out loud, boy that will be absurd.

She’d sing her heart out…
Yes, she has the strength not to pout.
She’ll write her mind
Sketching ’em out wit-fully, and that’s her kind.

At this point, all she has is herself. The relationship of a girl and her heart, mind and soul. To some, this literally means ALONE.

* * *

And she remembers…
Everything is there, in the air, out in the chamber.
Everything, she remembers…
At times she smile looking back, at times she’s down sober.

Making it clear to everyone now
She has everyone curtsy and giving her a bow
For those who talk and still is talking
Go ahead and blab. Cos now ahead she begins moving…

Ahead from people who is behind her
Feeling transcendent. She feels greater.

– E N D –

Sometimes being alone make you stronger
But take my advice, leave out the anger.

Forget about hatred, just be the lover you
For those who believe in graciousness
you’ll find inner peace and always feel brand new.

So there you go, Life is not a fairy tale.
It’s a journey that you must tell! even when there’s no fairy present.

For a better enjoyment, try read and listen to
“Schuyler Fisk – Fall Apart Today” or

Yours truly,
total stranger


4 thoughts on “Life is no fairy tale.

  1. ayyub says:

    true, life is no fairy tale. but the act of anticipating it (life) as a fairy tale makes it worth living it.

  2. ayyub says:

    more likely tales in the land of fairies kot… patutlaaaa……?

    • wordsplayed says:

      well…it’s for the fairies! no wonder they don’t come true. Unless if you are a fairy, then you let me be the one to say “patutla…” to my self. 😉

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