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“Do Draw n’ Drive.”

this is a sample of an artwork of a driving artist stuck in a heavy traffic of Kuala Lumpur.

Points from the artwork:
1. the smiley with sunglasses symbolizes that you are still cool when you have a) no follower on twitter; b) no LIKE on facebook; c) no subscribers or reader(s) to your blog.

2. … simply because there’s this social network happening with not just 3D or 4D effects BUT 5D! (or more) and it is called the

NB: sigh. i am running late for work!!


waddadilly yo…?!

*this girl looks way better than i am when i’m bored*

i hate to read other people’s blog. okay okay, hate sounds so harsh. maybe detest? Alright…. i ENVY them!

Mine looks sooo boring. it’s all white and clean with branches covered with snow. geez… But then again my motive to write a blog is just to share or create a forum of mind boggling people who likes to crap and share crappy ideas! (That would mean, monologue. Per una. Es seul. Alone. Me alone.)

so…..? *big grin*

until then,
a person who better get back to work.

pst: hi hi hi. i googled this picture, YES! Sorry… i am not a graphic chic cool enough to draw this. Thank you oh lady/man who upload this picture and let me use them.

Hello mellow…

i am no emo
if i am, i’d listen to damien rice

i am no emo
my playlist are all filled with jason mraz

you have a depressing moment
even to some of those Mormon
yes, i asked you why
then stop dwelling man and just let it cry!

words of wisdom together with thy quotes
transfer such strength to those who understand
but to some with yacht and boats
choose to ignore the wind and look for more land.

such deepness in thoughts
being positively related with the word emo
but let me tell thee,
both words don’t go along, no no. (<<<< just to rhyme it! :p)

a friend read my words
words of strength
and words of wisdom
that go deep
deeper than the vast sea of the south china sea.

EMO! she shouted
ouch! my ears, they hurt.
Didn’t she get it?
Oh well, why would i bother to explain it.

Hear me fellow brothers/sisters, when we talk about wisdom – age, backgrounds, any demographic factors are to be dispensed totally. At least this is my own personal understanding.

“Shallow as the water poured onto a piece of the most expensive China plate.
Deep as those bottomless mossed abandoned well covered with dried leaves.”

You can be the highest ranked person in the country or of a small company, but still think classical music is just to entertain clients. While jazz music is to be played in a dimmed lit lounge with cigars in between those nimble fingers.

There’s a deeper meaning to music. Such light and entertaining subject matter. Imagine the depth of words put together creating meaningful phrase. Or even the things we say…Oh, and things we do – at the event when some says, action speaks louder than words.

(few seconds after reading my write-ups…)

You’d probably say this entre is emo but really i’m smiling and listening to happy music while typing it. To understand deep stuff, i believe you gotta feel it. You’ll have a better grasp of it when you actually have walked on “Hardship” road. There’s no way in faking it – otherwise it’s just gonna be bad acting or lying to one self.

pst: Randomosity version 1.0 – “Bless is a test, Hardship is a bonus”

psst: wait. that’s deep… don’t you think?

“saya tak jahat kan..?”

I remembered reading a blog. It was posted on May 29th, this year.

The blog was about a boy or maybe I should use gentleman instead stuck in between his own clever conscious mind whether or not to sit next to a quite-a-big size lady (in his entry, he used the word “HUGE”…mind me). From the word “HUGE” that were being used, i’d say she’s a size 26 – UK.


Moving on, let me share my own personal CONSCIOUS experience.
No, it wasn’t an empty movie theater. It was rather full, the fact that my seat is G14 – whilst the other family members was arranged by me to take the G15 and 16; F15 and 16. Oh, and to add, the hall is small, 7 rows.(i am pretty sure you are now reciting A B C and counting with your fingers). The movie – Blitz. Hero – Jason Statum Stathum Sthatum. ergh. You know who am i talking about. That awesome Jason-brit-guy-who-does-action-movies-and-my-dad-likes-him-so-it-was-a-treat-for-Father’s-day. Wait, are you still figuring out where my seat was? It was the front-est row.

Right on. Now that you have the idea of the coordinate, now imagine a dark room brightened fairly by the already-7-minutes-started movie.

Great. The front row was empty. Yeay! (No, no popcorn because we were late). Owh hoooo i can see there’s a mortal next to my to be approached seat. To recall, it’s G14.
Of all the seats in row G, whyyyyy G13?! Now i believe in the curse of the number thirteen.
He was not “HUGE”. Nor does he stink. He’s just there! With his popcorn. Sloped at both side yet long hair. *Awkward*

Ironically, i was not trying to lean to my right side to stay away. Hurt my eye sight for trying tad hard to sit straight as not to offend the guy next to me. In fact, it is kinda tiring to sit that way the whole time. After awhile, he has this heavy breathing with erm.. a bit of bad breathe. *eyes popping for trying to hold on to my breathe*

Oh, what i didn’t tell you is that a group of 4 guys came and sat next to him. Fewh. *awkward remains though*

In contrast to the blogger’s state of emotion, i, on the other hand try my best to please him (or at least not to offend the person next to me) when myself is struggling to breathe! Whilst, the blogger that i mentioned was sub-consciously concerned about what others would think about him dating a huge girl.

Laugh it out. We are only human. *wink*

Life is no fairy tale.

Here’s a story about a girl. She has the kind of eyes that would make you want to say Hello! and then walk away without feeling guilty.
Here’s a story about one’s life. She feels blessed with all the hardship GOD offered her.
Here’s a story about a soul. She has the heart of the most passionate loser who wins everything. Yes, without even trying.
Here’s a story about a heart. She takes care of it, nurtures them like those fertilized the flowers in the garden. Still, when the storm comes, everything just sort of washed away.

Little girl is being showered with fairy tales. They all are expected to be pretty, obedient, clean, clever and look pretty (again). Dresses and shiny shoes. Pony tails. Graceful. Wow. That sort of a brief description about her.

* * *

Nevertheless, come one fine day, she’s not pretty anymore. She speaks her mind, opposing to what the others believe in. She plays with soil and got herself covered with ’em. In fact, she hates dresses or even skirts. She cut her hair short (Oh! and still look pweety).

Alas, as days passed by, she feels invisible. Oblivious to herself, she was the talk of the town.

To herself she cries…
To herself she wipes her teary eyes…
To herself she holds her words,
to scream out loud, boy that will be absurd.

She’d sing her heart out…
Yes, she has the strength not to pout.
She’ll write her mind
Sketching ’em out wit-fully, and that’s her kind.

At this point, all she has is herself. The relationship of a girl and her heart, mind and soul. To some, this literally means ALONE.

* * *

And she remembers…
Everything is there, in the air, out in the chamber.
Everything, she remembers…
At times she smile looking back, at times she’s down sober.

Making it clear to everyone now
She has everyone curtsy and giving her a bow
For those who talk and still is talking
Go ahead and blab. Cos now ahead she begins moving…

Ahead from people who is behind her
Feeling transcendent. She feels greater.

– E N D –

Sometimes being alone make you stronger
But take my advice, leave out the anger.

Forget about hatred, just be the lover you
For those who believe in graciousness
you’ll find inner peace and always feel brand new.

So there you go, Life is not a fairy tale.
It’s a journey that you must tell! even when there’s no fairy present.

For a better enjoyment, try read and listen to
“Schuyler Fisk – Fall Apart Today” or

Yours truly,
total stranger

here comes my obsession…

.. or i’d rather call it a type of disorder.

i feel like writing
this feeling is disturbing
when i feel like writing
but i can’t coz some thing is disturbing.

i must let it out
and out it go, it must
yes i’ll write in a roundabout
at least the disturbance depleting
and doesn’t burst!

when i read yours
with vast and great words
from all branches of courses
like words battling using swords.

i want to try, oops i burped….
i must before i die, oh but…

to write a story i crave
but to do it cleverly i starve
so i stick to my nature
to write and rhyme, do you think it’s amateur?

psst: i …love to rhyme!

Your Hi worth a Smile.

a smile can simulate one’s nerve to come up front and say “Hi”.

BUT.. what about a random “Hi”, can it curve a line and makes one smile?
or all it does is to make a person runs a mile?

i don’t know really. i can’t tell personally.

as human being, we tend to judge. even on the finest melting chocolate fudge. the answer is -i presume- depends on who smile or who says Hi.

All “strangers that we weren’t supposed to talk to like our parents never stop reminding” are god damn good looking. oh, i mean in the movies.

Hence or Thus far (yes i like to use cool conjunctions), *wink*.

comprende? okay, go do your own thinkin’ now if ya know wha’ a meann?

your strength is ur weakness

you may be strong
especially when people done you wrong
those tears to be reserved
especially when we start to talk about love

nobody knows..
or maybe it’s obvious
that when i love a person
the heart and mind go curious

put them first!
they always top the list
though when im on thirst
not even they offer me empty glass through their fist

is that some kind of a strength?
to love, to love, and to love?
to measure them at what length?
when in the end, they put themselves first
instead of your love.

when ur love, boy they’re strong
when ur love, geez they did u wrong
unintentionally they leave
and go just like the summer breeze.