Brain Block alert.

i have new name
and it’s Cyborg.
“resistance is futile”
but heck i’m having a writer’s block!

no,not even a writer i am
or even a blogger with all sorts of glam
what more to ask of a lil bit of fame
no i don’t need all that
for all that gives me no shame.

writer’s block, writer’s block
grrr it’s like a bottle sealed with a cork.
screw them in and pull em’ out
can you do the same to the brain that is clogged?

to force flow the words of your thoughts
at times it turned out pretty
but most it sounds odd.

i guess i’m out now to go find something to read
so i can write till your eyes bleed!
Reading blog is like plunging a dive into someone’s body
heart and careful, sometimes it stinks, and also bloody.

er… I sound like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory now aren’t I? I’ve been having a major writer’s block.
In my drafts i have all sorts of topics! Alas, no words flowing unto my fingers to type ’em all out.

signing off,
total stranger.

psst: I thought I have posted this yesterday but I was not “PRESENT” at that moment cause I have to run – my sister asked of me.


One thought on “Brain Block alert.

  1. ayyub says:

    note to myself, read, read and read more…

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