next time when you…..

……1. feel restless and tired.

Trust me, if you want. Go for a short workout. Sweat it all out. Yes, a massage would do you good. No,GRrrrreat! But as I was thinking just now in the bus on the way back from Melaka for a community outreach – I am going to… and persistently telling myself that once we reach office, I shall not waste even a split second and straight away drive to have my message massage near my house.

Tick tock tick tock. Instead! I changed and went to the gym! hah! Something I know about myself is that not to spoil ’em. or it. eeeh.. everytime I feel sleepy, I don’t sleep. If i feel hungry, I drink instead. If I feel tired, I work out!

Outcome: I feel Oh!sem..!!!! (that spelling is purposely done to show such awesomeness. Sue if you want.) It is so refreshing especially after the hot shower with a bit of sauna.

TRY it!

……2. do not know where is you car key, immediately as you walked in the house.

Oblivious to the world and the society of Peninsular Malaysia, my Kelisa has a total manual lock. Noticed I used TOTAL MANUAL LOCK. It means it has to be locked individually manually. ha ha. yeah.. and it still uses cassette player and the volume can “auto” increase and decrease by itself. According to the speed and your mood. The faster you drive and bad mood you are in, it will just BLAST your eardrums. Idiot. (Define idiot? self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way.)

Aaaanyhow, amidst the rush to get to my room I wonder where did I put my car key. I remembered putting it in the handbag right after the engine was turned off. As what I’d normally do. I searched for it, looked for it and none.

TinG! I remembered last time in Tesco, I once left them in the car and had to lie to my mother to go back and get the spare key…

YES! Yours. Truly. Left. It. In. The. Car.



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