“semua nak buat…?!”

Translation: highly ambitious.

With a smirk, I nodded. Yes, I am. Very much highly ambitious. And No. I do not see why is that a problem. Maybe it’s not that IT IS a problem. Just that, it bothers some people when you tell them enthusiastically of your plan to do something but end up doing ..erm, sitting looking up on the ceiling waiting to fall asleep.

When we plan what to do next, for me, it is merely just a time-fillers. Not going to call it hobby, but just as i mentioned just now; time-fillers.

Briefly to describe my kinda time-fillers are to write a book, to sew my own clothes, to make a home video, to write music, to learn other languages (other than those I’ve known), to … , to… , to… , (trust me, the lists still go on and on and on in my head).

I think aloud. All the time. Despite having a very non-critical functioning brain and scattered, I tend to forget things. Yes, I have a fish brain. Whenever I tell my beloved what I’ll be doing later on, with raised eyebrow he’ll go ” …semua NAK BUAT?!”

-SHIT that’s me- Yes? haha Has this happened to you?? Oh C’mon.. You don’t have to have scattered brain or to think aloud to admit this.

Creatively tell yourself (yes, I am giving you the options now):
a) I will prove to all of you that I will realize ’em!
b) So what? It’s just a hobby… not an ambition.
c) Did I say I plan on doing all that??? Geez, what was I thinkin’?!
d) De fragment your mind and start doing one item at a time.

Yeayy! I am so good in sweet talking myself. I am saying this because I have not done ANY. SINGLE. DAMN. THING. OF. THOSE. ON. MY. LIST.

Thank you.


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