Care to share your personal prayer life?

i know i want to. i care to share my personal prayer life in the virtual world.
No,i have no followers nor that i have one or two subscribers. i believe i need not need to have followers to share them virtually.

Questions i’d like to make you browse through in your thoughts:
i) Do you pray at a specific time of the day? (besides the compulsory 5)
ii) Do you have a specific position to pray? or even a certain place/spot that you favor?
iii)The least, do you have dialogue with GOD and when?

This is what i personally feel, and it is fine if none of you feel no relation to it.
My context here focus on our daily prayers (or Do’a). Most of us that i know pray when we feel sad, confused, in other words when we are at our down turn yes? Some find it hardest to pray while at work though that is the time where we need it most!

Well then my friend, why don’t we ever think to pray – especially when we are overjoyed about something? Share those moment of happiness with God. A glimpsed of thought is enough for HIM to get the message. See, you are praying already.

Yes,we have to fear HIM but for what reason? We have been taught to fear GOD by the most shallow-on-the-surface approach. Magazines and tabloids telling stories of punishments and gory experiences. Not that i’m saying it’s wrong but to be given the freedom to decide your actions is a more positive approach i believe.

if you think i’m blabbering, allow me…
“Don’t lie! GOD hates those who lie!”

Do any of us want to know why GOD do not favor those who lie? (for this example)
Why not educate men the drawbacks of not telling the truth rather than put a bad-cop badge on GOD?

i think i’ll stop here. PONDER upon this.

(honestly, i’m stopping cause my brain just suddenly went scattered! *Grin. man..i gotta practice more… write, write and write!)

You will always be enlightened when you yourself is ready.


2 thoughts on “Care to share your personal prayer life?

  1. ayyub says:

    for the past couple of years, i rarely perform the du’a after my obligatory prayers.
    this morning after Subuh prayer, i instinctively reached for the du’a book and began reciting a few from my old bookmarks.

    then at the office, i read this post.

    in a way, this is like a reminder. a reminder to remember Him always.


    • wordsplayed says:

      aah… yes. Alhamdulillah. Like i always tell myself (since not many people can relates to the depth of my sayings haha) it is an effortless matter to some when it comes to prayers. Just like talent, some work hard for something but if it wasn’t for you it wasn’t.

      Hey this makes me want to do an entry about fate. 🙂 Thanks. Well, indirectly.
      Du’a whenever your tongue and mind can think about Him. HE is in fact our buddy.

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