who knows Frank?

Frankly speaking i know no Frank. Nor that i’m a frank person but i have now learned that it’s time for us to be frank. No, don’t change your name Ahmad just be frank!

Frank? Is Frank a very open, honest, and direct in speech (or writing) esp. when dealing with unpalatable matters himself? Can i be crazy and make myself so crazy that one day my name shall be on Google and to be defined as “…naturally crazy in effort to get her name used to define crazy”..?


Anyhow, today’s entre is not about that. Precisely! It’s to highlight the importance of being frank. Of all the things or manners that we should have abide from the Westerners is this. Frankness.

Yes we Asian (the Malays for sure) have been taught to be courteous and polite. Well, there are many creative ways to be frank politely. My personal opinion of being frank is to not be hypocrite or as layman would call it “fake”. Ya know when people would agree to something they oppose for the sake of being nice .. i assume. But isn’t that mean? It’s like lying!

Exhibit 1.0:
Self claimed geek who thinks she has high taste in fashion: This is so chic right… Purple pants with brown shirt.
Goody goody friend who doesn’t know the significant of being frank: Oh yeah, Totally!

wait. SERIOUSLY??!! Need i say more? Go fill 1 of those trillion pocket cell of your brain and go figure.

Like those powerful successful person would say “It’s nothing personal.”


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