to read..or not to read?

Should you read trust what you read…?
How do we know what to trust or what to read? Especially non-fictional write ups.

You don’t even know me. yes, my name is Lea but maybe I am actually Ael. Short for Isabael. So tell me now, how do you trust what you are about to read? (repeatedly raise both eyebrows – smug!)

This thought came across as I was reading on our Prophet and a friend came and asked, “what are you reading? really? About your Prophet on Wiki?” Dush. Well, i was just reading though… I’ll collect as much data as I can from many other “trusted” sources. But then again, that’s how we process data right..Hah. Average? yeah.. average. This just makes me laugh at myself.

Oh well, just so you know, what we can learn is that The Power of Believing is very strong. Just like those gamblers who without fail lost their money and still believe in winning. Sigh.. So, in life, it’s more appropriate to think positively appropriately.

This will do for my first entre yes? (..and she asked herself…and answered herself) YES!



2 thoughts on “to read..or not to read?

  1. ayyub says:

    truth will come to those who seek it… welcome!

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