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Brain Block alert.

i have new name
and it’s Cyborg.
“resistance is futile”
but heck i’m having a writer’s block!

no,not even a writer i am
or even a blogger with all sorts of glam
what more to ask of a lil bit of fame
no i don’t need all that
for all that gives me no shame.

writer’s block, writer’s block
grrr it’s like a bottle sealed with a cork.
screw them in and pull em’ out
can you do the same to the brain that is clogged?

to force flow the words of your thoughts
at times it turned out pretty
but most it sounds odd.

i guess i’m out now to go find something to read
so i can write till your eyes bleed!
Reading blog is like plunging a dive into someone’s body
heart and careful, sometimes it stinks, and also bloody.

er… I sound like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory now aren’t I? I’ve been having a major writer’s block.
In my drafts i have all sorts of topics! Alas, no words flowing unto my fingers to type ’em all out.

signing off,
total stranger.

psst: I thought I have posted this yesterday but I was not “PRESENT” at that moment cause I have to run – my sister asked of me.


next time when you…..

……1. feel restless and tired.

Trust me, if you want. Go for a short workout. Sweat it all out. Yes, a massage would do you good. No,GRrrrreat! But as I was thinking just now in the bus on the way back from Melaka for a community outreach – I am going to… and persistently telling myself that once we reach office, I shall not waste even a split second and straight away drive to have my message massage near my house.

Tick tock tick tock. Instead! I changed and went to the gym! hah! Something I know about myself is that not to spoil ’em. or it. eeeh.. everytime I feel sleepy, I don’t sleep. If i feel hungry, I drink instead. If I feel tired, I work out!

Outcome: I feel Oh!sem..!!!! (that spelling is purposely done to show such awesomeness. Sue if you want.) It is so refreshing especially after the hot shower with a bit of sauna.

TRY it!

……2. do not know where is you car key, immediately as you walked in the house.

Oblivious to the world and the society of Peninsular Malaysia, my Kelisa has a total manual lock. Noticed I used TOTAL MANUAL LOCK. It means it has to be locked individually manually. ha ha. yeah.. and it still uses cassette player and the volume can “auto” increase and decrease by itself. According to the speed and your mood. The faster you drive and bad mood you are in, it will just BLAST your eardrums. Idiot. (Define idiot? self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way.)

Aaaanyhow, amidst the rush to get to my room I wonder where did I put my car key. I remembered putting it in the handbag right after the engine was turned off. As what I’d normally do. I searched for it, looked for it and none.

TinG! I remembered last time in Tesco, I once left them in the car and had to lie to my mother to go back and get the spare key…

YES! Yours. Truly. Left. It. In. The. Car.


Care to share your personal prayer life?

i know i want to. i care to share my personal prayer life in the virtual world.
No,i have no followers nor that i have one or two subscribers. i believe i need not need to have followers to share them virtually.

Questions i’d like to make you browse through in your thoughts:
i) Do you pray at a specific time of the day? (besides the compulsory 5)
ii) Do you have a specific position to pray? or even a certain place/spot that you favor?
iii)The least, do you have dialogue with GOD and when?

This is what i personally feel, and it is fine if none of you feel no relation to it.
My context here focus on our daily prayers (or Do’a). Most of us that i know pray when we feel sad, confused, in other words when we are at our down turn yes? Some find it hardest to pray while at work though that is the time where we need it most!

Well then my friend, why don’t we ever think to pray – especially when we are overjoyed about something? Share those moment of happiness with God. A glimpsed of thought is enough for HIM to get the message. See, you are praying already.

Yes,we have to fear HIM but for what reason? We have been taught to fear GOD by the most shallow-on-the-surface approach. Magazines and tabloids telling stories of punishments and gory experiences. Not that i’m saying it’s wrong but to be given the freedom to decide your actions is a more positive approach i believe.

if you think i’m blabbering, allow me…
“Don’t lie! GOD hates those who lie!”

Do any of us want to know why GOD do not favor those who lie? (for this example)
Why not educate men the drawbacks of not telling the truth rather than put a bad-cop badge on GOD?

i think i’ll stop here. PONDER upon this.

(honestly, i’m stopping cause my brain just suddenly went scattered! *Grin. man..i gotta practice more… write, write and write!)

You will always be enlightened when you yourself is ready.

“semua nak buat…?!”

Translation: highly ambitious.

With a smirk, I nodded. Yes, I am. Very much highly ambitious. And No. I do not see why is that a problem. Maybe it’s not that IT IS a problem. Just that, it bothers some people when you tell them enthusiastically of your plan to do something but end up doing ..erm, sitting looking up on the ceiling waiting to fall asleep.

When we plan what to do next, for me, it is merely just a time-fillers. Not going to call it hobby, but just as i mentioned just now; time-fillers.

Briefly to describe my kinda time-fillers are to write a book, to sew my own clothes, to make a home video, to write music, to learn other languages (other than those I’ve known), to … , to… , to… , (trust me, the lists still go on and on and on in my head).

I think aloud. All the time. Despite having a very non-critical functioning brain and scattered, I tend to forget things. Yes, I have a fish brain. Whenever I tell my beloved what I’ll be doing later on, with raised eyebrow he’ll go ” …semua NAK BUAT?!”

-SHIT that’s me- Yes? haha Has this happened to you?? Oh C’mon.. You don’t have to have scattered brain or to think aloud to admit this.

Creatively tell yourself (yes, I am giving you the options now):
a) I will prove to all of you that I will realize ’em!
b) So what? It’s just a hobby… not an ambition.
c) Did I say I plan on doing all that??? Geez, what was I thinkin’?!
d) De fragment your mind and start doing one item at a time.

Yeayy! I am so good in sweet talking myself. I am saying this because I have not done ANY. SINGLE. DAMN. THING. OF. THOSE. ON. MY. LIST.

Thank you.

who knows Frank?

Frankly speaking i know no Frank. Nor that i’m a frank person but i have now learned that it’s time for us to be frank. No, don’t change your name Ahmad just be frank!

Frank? Is Frank a very open, honest, and direct in speech (or writing) esp. when dealing with unpalatable matters himself? Can i be crazy and make myself so crazy that one day my name shall be on Google and to be defined as “…naturally crazy in effort to get her name used to define crazy”..?


Anyhow, today’s entre is not about that. Precisely! It’s to highlight the importance of being frank. Of all the things or manners that we should have abide from the Westerners is this. Frankness.

Yes we Asian (the Malays for sure) have been taught to be courteous and polite. Well, there are many creative ways to be frank politely. My personal opinion of being frank is to not be hypocrite or as layman would call it “fake”. Ya know when people would agree to something they oppose for the sake of being nice .. i assume. But isn’t that mean? It’s like lying!

Exhibit 1.0:
Self claimed geek who thinks she has high taste in fashion: This is so chic right… Purple pants with brown shirt.
Goody goody friend who doesn’t know the significant of being frank: Oh yeah, Totally!

wait. SERIOUSLY??!! Need i say more? Go fill 1 of those trillion pocket cell of your brain and go figure.

Like those powerful successful person would say “It’s nothing personal.”

to read..or not to read?

Should you read trust what you read…?
How do we know what to trust or what to read? Especially non-fictional write ups.

You don’t even know me. yes, my name is Lea but maybe I am actually Ael. Short for Isabael. So tell me now, how do you trust what you are about to read? (repeatedly raise both eyebrows – smug!)

This thought came across as I was reading on our Prophet and a friend came and asked, “what are you reading? really? About your Prophet on Wiki?” Dush. Well, i was just reading though… I’ll collect as much data as I can from many other “trusted” sources. But then again, that’s how we process data right..Hah. Average? yeah.. average. This just makes me laugh at myself.

Oh well, just so you know, what we can learn is that The Power of Believing is very strong. Just like those gamblers who without fail lost their money and still believe in winning. Sigh.. So, in life, it’s more appropriate to think positively appropriately.

This will do for my first entre yes? (..and she asked herself…and answered herself) YES!


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